“Don’t worry about getting it right, just get started!” – Marie Forleo

If you are brand new to FGXpress, follow these steps so your business will get started on the right foot. First, let’s make sure you are organized and connected with the essential start up details.


1. Memorize your FGXpress ID# and password (or for now have it nearby for quick access)

2. Bookmark your FGXpress Website: yourIDnumber.FGXpress.com

3. Print the 10-Steps Booklet: Read and complete ASAP!

4. Set Up your Smart Order autoship (if you haven’t already).


1. Click FOLLOW here at Xpress Academy so you receive emails when there is new team info posted.

2. Join our team community! Request to join our Team Connections Facebook Group:

3. Be sure to LIKE the FGXpress corporate Facebook Page:


Login to your Web Office Dashboard: www.fgxpress.org

Click My Account

> Information

▪ Be sure all personal info is correct.

▪ Click NO on “Opt Out Email” to receive corporate emails.

> Personalized Website

▪ Click Edit Personalized Website (bottom)

▪ Upload Your Photo

▪ Web Alias: Choose a name (rather than your ID#) that will be part of your website domain. Example: kristina.fgxpress.com

▪ Display Name: Add your name/business name here. This will appear at the top of your website.


We all have different goals we have set out to achieve. You chose FGXpress as the business platform where your goals can 100% transpire to your reality. As your upline, we want to see you succeed and living your dream, so we are committed to you and your success.

To see results, we must define your commitment level and discipline.


First, understand WHY you joined FGXpress? Then describe WHY you want to achieve that goal. For example, if your goal is more money then describe what areas in your life would be different if you had more money. Then write the amount $$ per month you would like to achieve.

▪ Money: why?
▪ Time Freedom: why?
▪ Less Stress: why?
▪ Family: why?
▪ Stay at home with children/family: why?
▪ Build a legacy for myself/family: why?
▪ Help Others: why?
▪ Tax Benefits: why?
▪ Leave Current Job: why?
▪ Improve Quality of Life: why?


In order to achieve your goals, identify how much time you are willing to commit to building your business.

Hours during the week (day) ____
Hours during the week (evenings) ____
Hours during the weekend ____

How do I spend my work hours?
In the beginning, you may spend a certain amount of time reading and learning the materials.


In your calendar or day planner, write down your work hours. This is the first step to committing your time and making an important part of your day.


If you are serious, not just curious, then you can definitely earn your first check your first week! It’s all about the number of people you talk to! So to begin, make your list of the first 100 people you will talk to. Complete your list the day you sign up, so DAY 1 in business you begin contacting people from your list. This list will continue to grow over time … 200, 300, even 1000 names down the road. Begin making connections and sharing why you began FGXpress!

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