At this point, I’m certain you have your business goals clearly defined. This is very important to have written down or posted some place where you can see it everyday.

If you don’t know WHERE you are going, then HOW you get there will be more difficult! Ok, ready for the “HOW” factor? This is the clear and defined path that will have you seeing results (cash in your pocket and a growing team). The speed is up to you. The MAP to SUCCESS incorporates a system that is duplicated to any new member who joins.

M.A.P.  – Massive Action Plan When a prospect asks to understand your business, you need to hand them a plan that gives them an simple overview. Their reaction will tell you how quickly and thoroughly they can visualize themselves duplicating the same approach. The M.A.P will help you understand your business, deliver the results you promise and show your new member how to duplicate the process in just a few minutes. Get Results – MAP Your Success



Purchase Your Pack and Be on AutoShip. Choose one of the following:

1. Consumer Pack
2. Starter Pack
3. All Star Pack


Enroll 2 PEMs (personally enrolled members), one on each leg, who also purchase one of the above packs.
Must be on Autoship!


Create a Rising Star Structure: One personally enrolled STAR* in each leg.
*STAR = Total of 2 active PEMs (one PEM on each leg)


Build Your X-Tribe
The 3 requirements for X-Tribe:
1.Be personally active (50 or 100 QV)
2. Have at least 4 PEM (active)
3. First and second levels, have 1000 QV in one week (max 100 QV per person).

EXTRA CASH PROMOTION (for Canada, US and Puerto Rico Market only)
Download flyer


✓  INVENTORY – Equipped with inventory for samples and building your business!
✓  DUPLICATION – Your team is in ACTION duplicating these steps with their team!
✓  COMMITMENT – You and your team are committed to each others success!
✓  EARN – By following the Success Formula, you will earn your investment back!
✓  GROWTH –  Your Business, team, skills and income are growing!

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