Welcome to Team Connections and Xpress Academy!Cancun 060

This site was designed for you! We’ve helped thousands of people create real wealth in a business they love, freeing them from financial stress.

Ultimately the extra time, energy, attention and creativity can be channeled into being fully present with yourself and your loved ones.

To see results, you need to be in ACTION!

A hilarious, nerdy guy named Woody Allen said it right: “80% of success is showing up.”

I love that quote because it’s so true!

We want to work with you if you have a fiecely-hot desire to free yourself up financially so you can create the life you know you’re destined for.

We take our business very seriously and we hand pick applicants who we will personally coach, who we know will do the same.

We take fun just as seriously as we take our business, so it’s not only going to be a hugely rewarding career path, it’s also going to be a damn good time 🙂

T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieves Miracles

As part of Team Connections, you are connected to an amazing community of purpose-orientated visionaries from all corners of the globe. We collaborate rather than compete. Our business structure fosters community, teamwork, and a sense of surplus; growing your business is everyone’s business, and you will be successful only to the degree that you help others.

As your upline, we feel honoured and blessed to work with you and your team!

~ Marilyn Stewart & Sarah Alvarado


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